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Feb 24, 2010
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Now, having your own self-managed superannuation fund is so EASY!

You have come to our website because you want to know more about having your own self-managed super fund and most importantly, how we relieve you of the hassle of handling the paperwork and administration.
  • WHY you should consider having your own fund.
  • WHAT is involved in a self-managed super fund
  • HOW we make the process of setup and ongoing administration so easy for you.
It is important that you understand that we are not a financial planning service.

Instead, we leave the strategy and decision-making to you, your accountant or your financial planner. Our role in your financial success is to ensure that all the background paperwork is taken care of properly, giving you absolute peace-of-mind that the administration of your fund is in order with everything in place as it should be.

Where to go to get the information you require.

If you are considering your own fund, find out about our services and how we make the whole process so EASY for you.

If you are a financial planner, learn how we can assist you with your clients.

Naturally, if you have any questions or want to know more, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

We wish you every success!

Here’s the help you need so everything goes smoothly when you lodge your tax returns.

The Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act defines what an SMSF cannot do as follows:
  • An SMSF may only borrow money in certain circumstances (for example, to make benefit payments as required by law or the Trust Deed or to pay the superannuation surcharge)
  • The Trustee is prohibited from lending or giving financial assistance to members (or their relatives) of the Fund.
An SMSF must not acquire assets from a member or related party, except for:
  • Listed securities at market value
  • Business real property at market value